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The Spy Racing F1-250A quad contains a high quality, high performance Loncin engine.

About Loncin

A long standing engine manufacturer, Loncin have become one of the largest engine manufacturers in China. Providing 100+ types of motorbike to 100+ countries across the globe, they have an impressive reputation globally.

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Why Spy racing use Loncin engines in their 250cc quad bikes?

Loncin have developed a stable collaboration with BMW, a company which selects it’s suppliers very carefully. Showing that Loncin have a strong ethic of high quality, performance and liability within the engines they produce.

The Loncin engine used in the F1-250A

This 250 cc engine is a has many qualities, these include:

  • 4 Stroke
  • Liquid cooled
  • 4 Speed, with reverse
  • 18BHP
  • Capable in excess of 65mph
  • Based on Honda CRF250
  • Incredible reliability and performance


Zongshen are the developers and creators of high performance engines. Zongshen engines are used for the Spy Racing F1-350A. This engine delivers power and performance that you would rarely find in a road legal quad.

About Zongshen

Zongshen are one of the largest manufactures of engines and motorcycles in China. They produce and supply 4m motorcycles and 7m key components every year. Their 7 assembly lines manufacture a wide variety of motorcycles from 50cc-600cc in a range of typoes and styles.

Why Spy racing use Zongshen engines in their 350cc quad bikes?

Zongshen have a strong reputation in manufacturing with high levels of quality and precision. Their partnerships with companies like Harley Davidson and Piaggio have shown that they are one of the best manufacturers of their kind globally.

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The Zongshen engine used in the F1-350A

This 350 cc engine is a has many qualities, these include:

  • 4 Stroke
  • Liquid cooled
  • 6 Speed, with reverse
  • 30BHP
  • Capable in excess of 80mph
  • Incredible reliability and performance

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